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The 0.45 Blue Eye Lens is Way Cool's general purpose wide angle conversion lens. It is suitable for many uses where you don't need to be really close to your subject. It has very little distortion and and gives excellent results for outside skydive video on tandems, AFF, etc. where your optimal distance to subject for this lens is approximately 2m or more.

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The Blue Eye Lens is identical in dimensions as the RED 0.3 but has x 0.45 magnification.  It is anodized blue and comes in the same thread sizes as the RED EYE: 25, 27, 30 & 37mm.

See this quick reference guide to thread sizes for popular cameras

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These two lenses together are the perfect package for any video camera user.

Note: The images on this web page have not been cropped but the resolution has been substantially reduced for much faster Web site loading. The RED 0.3 LENS and the BLUE EYE LENS do not have any black frame corners!!

The dimensions of the Blue Eye Lens are: outer diameter 42.5mm, thickness 7.8mm
With the filter fitted the dimensions are: OD 45.5 and thickness 11.7mm

We have now released a special Way Cool Protective filter for the Red 0.3 and 0.45 Blue Eye wide angle lenses. The idea is that the filter will protect your investment from the rigours of adventure sport use and your lenses will last you a lifetime. We have designed the filter so that it will fit existing Red/Blue lenses already in service.  Our super small wide angles are the only lenses of this kind to offer the added protection of a Protective Filter, a great reason to choose a Way Cool Wide Angle Lens.

  • Hundreds of skydivers and other camcorder owners are using Way Cool Wide angle lenses and are very happy with them!
  • Skydivers like them because they are small and light - SAFE
  • The stress on your camcorder lens is dramatically reduced
    • No more expensive repairs and lens replacements
  • They easily fit within most enclosures
    • Less danger of snagging risers or lines - SAFER
  • The only lenses of this type to offer protective filters
  • You can change over from the Red 0.3 to the Blue Eye with the same enclosure or mounting system because the lenses are physically identical
  • Film your AFF student from your JM position, a great body position learning tool
  • Way Cool pioneer, develop and manufacture the products you need.
  • Others make cheap copies and try to keep up!
  • Way Cool develop products from the ground up with within a specific design criteria.
  • Others improvise with pre-existing bits, that are cheap and just get by.
  • Way Cool investigate optical technology fully to supply products that are exactly suitable for the targeted end use.
  • Way Cool uses 3 AR (anti reflective) coatings on each side of our protective filter glass to absorb unwanted reflected light.
  • Way Cool have our glass manufactured for our purposes.
  • Standard UV coatings are designed for use with emulsion films which are sensitive to UV light, modern CCD image sensors are virtually insensitive to UV light.
  • Our Protective filters fit all Way Cool lenses ever made, not just a new line built to accept them. These aspects are important to our design criteria as we strive to look after the needs of our existing customers.
  • Way Cool UV filters are designed to have a minimal size increase on our lenses when fitted. Red/Blue increased to 46.4mm. Black Eye increased to 48.7 mm.
  • Way Cool filters are a simple one piece design, others - two piece with much more size increase.
  • We do not aim to be cheap our market focus is on quality. Development and highly qualified optical engineering consultants cost money, if you want quality products that will last then Way Cool is for you.

See this quick reference guide to thread sizes for popular cameras

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