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**NEW - Sony HD Flash drive model release CX500 now available!
**NEW - Sony HD Flash drive model release CX100 now available!
**NEW - Sony HD Flash drive models releases CX7 and CX12 now available!

Please order below after thoroughly reading all the info tabs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The CX100 has no record status light, so the Hypeye is a must have accessory!

Note: All models that need the HypEye D Pro can be ordered with the HypEye mount seperately. We include the mount free if ordering the HypEye with the glove package. We also fit the HypEye in our factory so the glove is ready to jump. This includes stitching the LED indicator onto the camera housing.
You must order the HypEye mount seperatly if not ordering the controller ($15) and fit the HypEye yourself.

Gloves ordered without the HypEye controller or mount will be supplied without the mount
Camera types effected:
CX100, CX12, CX500, and any other model without Lanc port.

This is our upright and flagship version of the Hand-Cam glove. With four strong anchor points you'll be amazed at the total camera stability this glove exhibits and now you can capture your video footage with the image in the frame the right way up.

No wires to run, no fuss! If you need to continually use Hand-Cam, the last thing you want is to be running wires and plugs up your sleeves like the external "lipstick" models! We went away from this idea many years ago on helmets with remote SLR shutter releases and went to the mouth switch to save time and simplify the system. Don't re-invent the wheel! Our system is simple, stable, very effective and proven with millions of jumps!

"Without a doubt the most stable mount on the market"

The HC Pro was released in April 2002 and has proved it self in the working environment to be a solid and stable video platform. 

"There are now many copies which is testimony to the performance and quality of the HC Pro. 
Some customers have come back to Way Cool gloves after trying other options."

Get the original! Get the Way Cool HC Pro!

Ordering info: Get the whole kit and SAVE up to $109

  • If you want to save and have the best setup for hand-cam, get the whole kit by selecting all the options below. Our testimonials don't lie....
    • Kit items are discounted when buying as a package
      • Cam Eye HCR. (Usually $175) - $135 now $105 with HC Glove (remote camera status and thumb switch).....read more
      • Hypey D Pro. (Usually $140) - $135 with HC Glove (remote camera status and remote switch).....read more
    • Black Eye Lens. (Usually $235) - $199 with HC Glove.....read more
    • Trick Altimeter mount. (Usually $20) - $15 with HC Glove
  • Please read the colour info by clicking the tab above.
  • See the hand size link above for information about sizing
  • Some items in the selections below are discounted on this page as an incentive to purchase a complete package. The result will be a great package, good end results and a nice saving to you.
  • More info on camera compatibility can be found in our supported camera list here>>

"If you want the best results, get the Black Eye Lens with your glove. This lens was born out of a need for the perfect Hand-Cam lens. Others try to copy but the Black Eye is still the best and the only one with a protective filter!"

Which Camera do I purchase for Hand-Cam, see here for info>>

What are the rules/requirement for using Hand-cam for tandem jumping>>

All our HC Pro Gloves now incorporate a special CamEye HCR sleeve which allow one handed operation if used with our exclusive CamEye HCR! Once you've used the CamEye HCR you won't look back, it allows point to point edit on the fly style shooting from any start and finish angle.

We also stock the HypEye D Pro which is compatible with newer Sony models with no Lanc port like the CX12. Our glove for this model incorporates an access hole for the HypEye D Pro plug. NEW! We now incorporate a mounting system for the Hyeye D Pro on the applicable glove models. See Image and here

We have also incorporated a webbing strip for the sole purpose of mounting a Neptune audible/visual altimeter  in a convenient and easily visible location pointing straight at you (not available on some models). There are standard mounting strips to mount your analogue visual Alti with our optional alti strap. This allows you to mount a spare alti to the glove which doesn't need to be removed even when unzipping and removing the glove, just pick up your glove and go!

Add the Cam Eye HCR and/or the alti strap to your cart here with the HC Pro Glove and receive 25% discount on both items!

See our hand size link before you order (click the tab above).

This Video was shot in Switzerland in 2003 without the use of the CamEye HCR or the Black Eye lens. Both of these products make it possible to shoot better quality Hand-Cam with more camera combinations. Special thanks to the highly skilled Andrew Pheiffer

  • News of some of our early gloves - 2000 tandem camera jumps and still going!
  • Excellent design and minimal Velcro.
  • Ultra stable design copied by other suppliers.
  • The only fully bound Hand-Cam glove on the market.
  • The only Hand-Cam glove to offer a fully integrated alti mount.
  • If you earn $30 on top of your tandem jump for Hand-cam this is a huge return on investment  (you do the math).
  • These gloves will do many jumps and most operators pay more than $30
  • You can earn back your purchase price with 4 to 5 jumps with these gloves.
  • Benefits both Skydive Operators and staff.
  • No more customers who can't have video through lack of aircraft slots or staff.
  • Sell video to speculative customers who normally wouldn't have it and doesn't cost an extra slot!
  • Being used very successfully on full time Australian, Swiss, New Zealand and USA Drop Zones.
  • Doesn't detract from conventional video/stills sales.
  • With clever marketing and sales techniques Hand-Cam can and does co-exist with conventional outside video.
  • Great on BASE jumps too.
  • Awesome canopy opening shots.
  • Awesome audio
    • Opening and intilial canopy flight interview.
    • Even gets screams on exit.
  • With the use of Way Cool super wide Black Eye Lens, It's possible to make an excellent video production with just the tandem master filming

The gloves are available in two hand sizes which cover the vast majority of users:

  • Medium (up to 240mm or 9.125")
  • Large (240 mm/9.125" or more)
  • We can do custom orders if you have an exceptionally small or large hand. (below 205mm or over 260mm)

This is measured with a cloth tape around your clenched knuckles See additional images for help with measurement. If you require a custom size we can make you a custom glove, please select this below and we will produce this outside of our standard production line. 

Click hand measure picture in the additional images for larger view.

  • We only offer a colour preference selection on the camera housing part of the glove, ALL hand piece sections are black.
  • Due to our production requirements and the fact that our HC Gloves are usually a work tool, colour selection is normally a preference only, our policy is to try to give the selected colour but place priority on filling orders fast over colour choice. We WILL send gloves which are close to complete regardless of the colour.
  • For customers who are adamant about having a particular colour (housing only) we offer the option to bypass our normal production flow and build your colour from the ground up. This can result in longer production times and is available as an option below for a small fee

Our gloves are made to fit the cameras with the strap removed. Sony PC9 shown here.

Easy access to the function switch. You should align this switch before closing the main flap and securing the glove.
Super strong 50mm seat belt webbing is used in the glove construction. Double Velcro (Sandwich) is used to secure the camera and has proven to last over 2000 jumps. Designed with the pile Velcro sewn on last, easily accessible for replacement if necessary.
Our gloves are made to last and are fully bound, the thumb hole shown here is a high wear area and has been shown to wear quickly on unbound models manufactured by others. The confluence of the two web bands is shown here joined by a 50mm webbing strip and fully bound at the palm section.
Super strong no 10 chunky tooth zip shown here stitched to binding tape and bar tacked for super strength. Note the new alti mounting strap. We use backing anywhere that we stitch to the neoprene, the lateral band and retaining strip backing is shown here.
The Clear window  shown left is
for easy viewing of the status LED.
Note: Not available for some camera Models

Go to the HC Classic page.



This our new design Nov 2006 for the latest Sony High definition Camera the HC3

Easy access to the HC3 function switch and view finder.
All our HC Pro gloves come standard with the mount for the CamEye HCR available exclusively through Way Cool. This mount is located so that you can just reach it with your thumb, but does not impede your reserve handle gripping ability. Due to the odd shape, this model also has an enclosed front which requires the lens to be inserted first. This gives a very nice finish and solid mount. Shown with the Black Eye lens.

If your camera is not supported we provide you with the opportunity to request we make a new pattern for it. This is a complete design from the ground up.

We don't promise to take on this work but will consider it on a case by case basis. It is very labour intensive to design a pattern and we have an extra charge of AU$80 if we agree to the request. This helps cover our design and research time.

We need as much information on the camera as possible and preferably the camera itself. We can achieve far better results with the camera on site. We have vast experience at designing gloves from research data but invariably new designs are not as polished as our main stream lines.

If you want to request a new model select it in the order selection boxes and if we agree we will notify you and ask you to help provide information. We need things like dimensions and photos of all sides of the camera.

If you really want a rush order we offer you the choice of same day service. We have a busy skydive gear shop and a manufacturing facility with orders usually entering a production queue. We will however drop everything and manufacture your glove by the end of the next whole business day after we receive it for an additional charge of $100.


  • Your order arrives out of business hours: we will make and ship it when we open by the end of that day.
  • Your order arrives during business hours: We will try to do it same day but promise it by the end of the next day.
  • Local time:

This service is only available if all our production staff are on hand and we are operating normally. We will only charge this fee if we successfully complete and ship your order in one business day. Select it in the add to cart section below if required.

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  • Manufactured by: Way Cool Industries

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Discount $25 Help>>

Glove/controller HCR Package - Discount $70

Glove/Alti mount package - Discount $5

Altimaster back plate type

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