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Way Cool Protective filters are specially made for and only fit our wide angle lenses. We have made these filters so that when they are mounted on our lenses there is minimal increase in physical size and weight.

No screw on bits to loose, just a simple slide on protection.

We Design our gear, others copy and try to keep up......

Our Protective filters use specially sourced quality Japanese optical glass and this glass is not fixed by conventional retaining screws or cir-clips which can impede the field of view or increase the physical size and lead to vignetting. The glass is specially coated with 3 AR layers on each side for optimal anti reflective and optical performance.

Protective Filter identification for re-ordering:

  • The outer diameter of the Black Eye filter is 48.5mm
  • Black Eye standard Filter (12mm thick and Black in colour)
  • Black Eye X Filter (15mm thick and Black in colour) (No longer in production)
  • Red/Blue Eye Filter (11mm and Red in colour)
  • The outer diameter of the Red or Blue Eye filter is 45.5mm

NOTE: You cannot use the Black Eye filters on the Red or Blue Eye lenses! The Red and Blue lenses take the same filter.

Note2: Due to the very infrequent demand for the Black Eye X version lenses and filters, we have decided to stop production of the Black Eye X filters. We will still offer the X version lenses and part of the reason for the decision to quit the filters is because the standard Black Eye Filter will fit and work with the X version lenses. This means the lenses can still be protected with the standard Black Eye Filter.

Unique Design

We have used a slide on sleeve with an O-ring that locates the filter onto the outer lens body, the filter glass is very close to this lens glass and is larger in diameter, thereby allowing a clear field of view.

This precision design along with our unique glass fixing method enabled us to achieve our design goals of small physical size and a clear field of view.

Look after your investment

We have had many customers purchase a second and third Protective Filter for their Way Cool lens. These customers were very happy to be buying another filter rather than another lens.

We have also had many customers buy a second Black Eye Lens.  These guys weren't very happy that they didn't opt for a Protective filter.

Which option do you like better?

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  • Model: LPF
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  • Manufactured by: Way Cool Industries

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