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The only 0.25 available with a protective filter!!

The 0.25 Black Eye lens is designed for use when you are really close to your subject, primarily for tandem Hand-Cam, which is an arms length away. Everything from the camera to infinity will be in focus because the lens has a very wide depth of field which is inherent to really wide angle lenses. The Black Eye is suitable for any situation where there is a space restriction including these types of skydiving video; AFF jumpmaster linked to student, Tandem Hand-Cam, linked freefly, linked RW, very close RW tutoring.

"A testament to the excellence of Way Cool lens design is that our competitors attempt to copy them!"
Get the original with the best protective filter design.... not an inferior Copy!

It is even being used by bomb detection robots for sweeping under motor vehicles!

See this quick reference guide to thread sizes for popular cameras

Black Eye available in 25, 30 and 37mm thread sizes. (OK for all models)
Black Eye X available in 30 and 37mm thread sizes. (Sony PC: 101/105/110/1000, HC: 20/30/40, IP: 5/7)
Note: The X Version is unsuitable for the CX7
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Identification for re-ordering:

  • The outer diameter of both Black Eye types is 45.6mm (and 48.5mm with the filter fitted).
  • Measure the thickness of the lens body excluding the thread
  • Black Eye standard (12mm thick and Black in colour)
  • Black Eye X (15mm and Black in colour)

There are two versions of this lens the Black Eye and the Black Eye X. The Black Eye X is slightly thicker lens and has a wider angle of view than the standard model. This has been tested on the Sony PC 101, 105 and 1000 and is the best Hand-Cam choice for these cameras. The X is also compatible on the Sony HC20, 30 and 40 with no vignetting (with a step ring). The X version will vignette on some other models. Order the Black Eye standard for all other cameras.
We will continue to make both versions available and work on a compatibility chart for most camcorders as we are able to test them.

The 0.25 Black Eye lens has been designed to accept a special Way Cool UV protective filter. This filter will protect your investment from the riggers of adventure sport use and your lenses will last you a lifetime. Just replace the low cost filter when it's scratched.

Note: The Black Eye and Black Eye X now both use the standard Black Eye filter.


In order to keep the lens dimensions small and the angle of view wide, the design criteria was no black corners in video mode on the newer Sony models. The Black Eye X lens is so wide that it will clip the frame corners on some of the older Sony models. Some camcorders will vignette when used in photo mode. These camcorders use the entire CCD when on photo mode and reserve some space around the edges of the CCD when on video mode. This is a buffer reserved for the digital steady shot function which automatically digitally re-samples the images frame by frame using the edges of the CCD to compensate for and effectively reduce camera shake. This is the reason for the wider view and the higher pixel rate quoted for photo mode. Note also that viewing DV video on a PC shows frame areas outside of the screen safe area for television viewing resulting in a wider picture.

  • 100% made in Australia
  • The only 0.25 Wide angle available with a proprietry protective filter
  • Way Cool pioneer, develop and manufacture the products you need.
  • Others make copies and try to keep up!
  • Way Cool develop products from the ground up with within a specific design criteria.
  • Others improvise with pre-existing bits, that are cheap and just get by.
  • Way Cool investigate optical technology fully to supply products that are exactly suitable for the targeted end use.
  • Way Cool uses 3 AR (anti reflective) coatings on each side of our protective filter glass to absorb unwanted reflected light.
  • Way Cool have our glass manufactured for our purposes.
  • Standard UV coatings are designed for use with emulsion films which are sensitive to UV light, modern CCD image sensors are virtually insensitive to UV light.
  • We do not aim to be cheap our market focus is on quality. Development and highly qualified optical engineering consultants cost money, if you want quality products that will last then Way Cool is for you.

See this quick reference guide to thread sizes for popular cameras

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