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As a full service premium Cypres dealership Total Control also provides Cypres maintenance.

We have implemented an extremely efficient start to finish service for you which makes it very easy for you to get back into the air fast. We have contract arrangements with the worlds leading international courier services which means our maintenance units are often returned to you within 4 weeks.


  • Click "check your date" above for important information before proceding.
  • We recommend choosing a maintenance & battery if your battery has less than 6 months life.
  • You will save in the end because the maintenance battery package is heavily discounted. ($132 $85)
  • It is best to have the battery change and maintenance aligned, this will avoid the possibility of having to replace the battery when the unit is close to end of life (12 years and 3 months old), causing the expense of a new battery without full usage of the battery (2 years)
  • Unit new > 2 years -battery > 4 years - service and battery > 6 years - battery > etc. etc.

Hire units:

We have a limited fleet of hire units, and depending on availability we offer a very discounted rate for hire units $100 (usually $126, 20% off). This includes freight both ways. See Conditions of hire (click the tab)

We will ship the hire unit to you with a prepaid return Airbag, you just put the cypres in it at drop it at your nearest post office. It's that EASY!

We require a deposit of $500  payable by credit card and refundable on return of the unit.

Airtec allow a 6 month window for maintenance. Up to 3 month prior to the due month or 3 months after. Your due month is the same month as the month of manufacture at 4 years and 8 years after the year of manufacture.

  • Airtec WILL NOT service a unit earlier than 3 months prior to the due month!
  • Your unit becomes un-airworthy 3 months after the due month.
    • Airtec will service a unit anytime after the due month to make a unit airworthy again.
  • DO NOT send us a unit more than 3 months early, all we can do is store it or send it back to you!


To get your Cypres serviced with Total Control follow these simple steps, by doing this you will enable us to get your unit returned to you in the fastest possible time:

  1. Select the maintenance options below, fill in the details of your unit and click add to cart.
  2. Complete the checkout process.
  3. If you need a hire unit,  we can send you the hire unit 1st, you can then have
    your rig repacked and the hire unit installed at the same time.
    1. Your rigger should re-open your reserve and re-install your cypres unit after
      it returns for a small fee (Less than a repack)
  4. Only after completing the order process, send the unit to Total Control Skydive Gear -
    33 Elm Street, HAMERSLEY WA 6022
    1. We will know to expect your Cypres and alert you if it does not arrive!
    2. We suggest a traceable shipping method and recommend Express Post Platinum available at any post office.
  5. If you need to service more than on unit return to this page and add the second unit after filling in the details.
  6. Note: We now maintain  a special Database to track the life of every AAD we have contact with. We will alert you when maintenance or service bulletins are necessary. This is why we ask for extra owner info at the ordering section below.


The extremely reliable function of CYPRES is based on 4 facts: exclusive use of carefully pretreated and approved parts, strict detailed manufacturing procedures, continuous quality control and monitoring through the manufacturing process, and regular periodic technical service (maintenance). 4 and 8 years after the original date of manufacture, maintenance procedures according to the manufacturers guidelines are necessary. There are 4 primary reasons for the maintenance:

Deviations between nominal and actual values are corrected to ideal values. Every detail is observed. It is common that signs of wear and tear are corrected and sometimes even ‘cosmetic’ treatment is done.
The technical condition of each unit is analyzed. The fact that a very high percentage of units are returned for the periodic maintenance gives the ability to see statistical trends and to predict potential problems at a very early stage. The advantage: often it’s possible to prevent situations by modifications during the maintenance procedures, rather than having to fix problems with downtime later.
Experience shows that during a period of 4 years, changes and improvements do happen. Applicable updates are performed during maintenance. Such updates may have the background of technical improvements, or enhancement of knowledge, or may result from environmental changes in the sport (e.g. new disciplines), which Airtec is always researching and taking into consideration.
The most important part of the maintenance is the individual pre-adjustment of each unit for the next 4 years. A unit will not be returned before a high confidence level is reached regarding the prediction of the unit’s proper function for the next 4 years.
The maintenance has to be performed 4 and 8 years after the original date of manufacture. The earliest possible date for the CYPRES 2 maintenance is 6 months early, the latest 6 months after the month of manufacture.

A delayed maintenance has no advantage. It does not save any cost, nor will the total lifetime of the unit be extended. It’s smart to choose a suitable time during the 13 month window for sending the unit in for maintenance, rather than waiting until the last possible moment, or until the beginning of the next season. Because of the 50,000+ maintenance procedures performed to date on CYPRES, and changes incorporated into the design of CYPRES 2, Airtec has determined that it is possible to extend the maintenance window to 13 months on CYPRES 2. This maintenance window gives you more freedom, and avoids maintenance down-time at the wrong time of the year - please use this new feature wisely!
At any time it’s possible to check the date of the next maintenance by holding the button down at the last click during the switch-on procedure until you see ‘next maint. in month / year’. If the unit is 6 months before maintenance due date, the maintenance date (next maint. in month / year) will be shown at each selftest. 6 months after the due date the display will change to: ‘next maint. now’.
All displayed dates are only a reminder.
Please choose a suitable date during the 13 month time frame for a convenient performance of the maintenance. According to experience, the number of maintenances and the necessary time to do them increases February-May. For quicker service, a date between June and January is a better choice.

When does CYPRES need to be maintained?

A CYPRES needs the factory maintenance 4 years and 8 years after the date of production (e.g. the unit is produced 08/93: 1st maintenance is due 08/97, 2nd maintenance is due 08/2001). The total lifetime is 12 years + max. 3 months, so the units do not need a 3rd maintenance.
However, to avoid any inconveniences, there is a leeway of plus/minus three months in which the maintenance will be performed. This means that the maintenance for a CYPRES manufactured in 08/93 can be performed in 05/97 at the earliest and 11/97 at the latest. Should the maintenance date be missed, we are able to perform it at a later date. However, returning a CYPRES for maintenance at a date later than the due date has no advantages. The subsequent maintenance will still be due at a four year interval from date of manufacture. (i.e. if a CYPRES manufactured in 08/93 is not returned for its maintenance until 08/97 - the subsequent maintenance will still be due in 08/2001).

Why is the CYPRES maintenance necessary?

The CYPRES is a very compact and sophisticated electronic device, which - during a 4 year time period - was probably subjected to all possible mechanical and thermal stresses. It is a possibility that the CYPRES had been left in the trunk of a car for days, the rig lay in the sun when packing, a landing was not so good and/or the unit may have been subjected to great temperature differences if jumping in cold areas. In addition, certain components age and need compensation even if the unit is not used or switched on. As with other rig components, CYPRES performs its task on every jump - and not only if an activation occurs. A possible activation is the end of a continuous work process. To ensure that the unit performs this work - even after a long period of time - as precisely as a new unit does, it needs a thorough check periodically. This is why the maintenance is necessary.

How long does the maintenance take?

Airtec needs around 14 working days at the factory for all the maintenance and test procedures to be done. Sometimes (more often at the second four years check) additional work is necessary and this, unfortunately, may extend this time frame. Whenever work has to be performed on a unit, tests are necessary to ensure that the work was successful and that it had no negative influences on other areas. These tests sometimes take days (i.e. temperature tests) and definitely cannot be shortened. Nevertheless, the price always remains the same.

Will the battery be replaced?

Choose Maintenance with battery if its life time is up, or will end in less than 3 months. You get a large discount on a new battery when ordered with the maintenance (only an additional $70, usually $132)
If a new field replaceable cutter is desired, is this included in the maintenance charge?
No, this will be charged in addition to the maintenance cost. We are often asked if we can exchange the old-style cutter to the new field-replaceable type. This is not an update and is not included in the maintenance procedure. An existing old-style cutter cannot be modified to the new field-replaceable type. However, should a customer specifically request that we do exchange the cutter, then we are able to remove the old cutter and install the new one. Should we do this, it is necessary for us to charge the cost of the new cutter to the customer.
New units have been equipped with the field replaceable cutter in the 1-pin version since February 1995 and the 2-pin version since May 1999.

How is the maintenance completion noted on the unit?

For CYPRES 1 a small round silver seal on the left side of the unit


signifies successful completion of the maintenance procedure.

In detail, what is performed on the maintenance?

When we receive a unit for its maintenance, its details are first recorded in our data base. All relevant data - such as serial number, current owner, reason for returning, etc. - is entered. With all units, the complete history is stored in this data base.
All cables are visually and electrically inspected for wear or damage. The next step is to open the casing. From here the unit runs through the individual stations. The plastic processing unit case is split apart and the internal metallic electromagnetic shielding unsoldered and removed. If updates (technical improvements) are applicable on the unit, they are automatically performed. Every unit is subjected to extreme heat and cold conditions in climatic chambers.

During this, all functions and power consumptions are tested and measured under all possible conditions. A great number of simulated test flights are performed, where the unit must NOT activate. Also, the unit is subjected to simulated conditions which cause it to activate, thus testing the activation programming and data (electronic cycle, precise duration and magnitude of activation impulse).

The technical data is compared with that from the original production phase. Any deviations or discrepancies are analysed and appropriate action taken

Additionally, the data is compared with data from other units from the same manufacturing period. This is the reason why we request the CYPRES units to be returned for maintenance at the due date -plus or minus the leeway of 3 months.

The cutters are also comprehensively checked - both visually and electronically. The plastic slip which the loop is routed through is checked under the microscope.

Once the unit goes through all tests successfully, it is re-assembled. When this is done, the unit goes through the testing procedure again to ensure that the rebuilding of the unit has had no influence on the unit's function.

We have these conditions for the discounted AAD hire to ensure our units are returned promptly:

  • We ship your hire unit overnight and include a return overnight bag
  • We also return your newly serviced unit overnight
  • We require our hire unit arrive at our office within 5 days of returning you unit to you (from the day we ship your unit)
  • This allows 2 or 3 days for you to remove the hire unit from your rig and send it
  • Units arriving after 5 days will incurr an extra month hire fee of $72

  • Model: AAD-CM

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C2 is Cypres2 and always requires battery change

AAD Hire - incl $600.00 refundable deposit See Conditions

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