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Quotes on new equipment

Our policy is: We won't be beaten on any equipment quotes!!!!

Although we always give a great quote on new items, we will beat any written quote from a competitor that shows a legal import and includes GST.

Fair go: We cannot and will not sell for less than cost and we can only sell items that are imported through our warehouse with GST included. Our price beat policy is only for competing quotes that include GST and for items that are imported through our warehouse.

  • Web price listing

Prices displayed on this website DO NOT apply to phone sales or phone enquiries

Way Cool aims to have the best prices in Australia for all Skydive gear. We also wish to remain profitable enough to stay in business which will enable us to support our customers and provide quality after sales service. We have implemented a pricing structure to achieve the above goals.

Pricing policy

  • Call for Price: This is displayed for items that are imported on demand and which are exchange rate dependent. We will quote you a price based on the exchange rate at the time of your enquiry.
  • We have a list price for all items based on a target retail profit margin. This list price will be quoted for all phone, email or other enquiries.
  • Mostly discounted web prices are shown on this website, at this stage our list price is not displayed.
  • Our list prices are subject to change at anytime for many reasons, the main one is the currency exchange rate.
  • All prices displayed on out website are strictly for sales place through our web shop checkout. This includes standard web pricing and specials.
  • Website prices are generally a 3% discount of our list price. Web specials are more heavily discounted!
  • Telephone, email and faxed orders are invoiced and quoted at our standard list price.
  • We offer showroom customers our standard web price (not web special) as an encouragement to come into our shop but the only way to purchase at our web specials is strictly via our web shopping cart. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Most high value imported items are quoted and you will need to call us for pricing on these items. We are very competitive on new equipment and these products are only quoted over the phone with the latest exchange rates factored in.

Web orders are structured for efficient data processing which minimises our work load, this is why we pass on a 3% discount to web customers. Please don't call us to order and say that the website has it listed for XYZ dollars. If you need to call us, you are asking for our expert services and time, we are more than happy to pass on our expert services and spend time with you but in these cases we will expect you to pay our fair list price for items purchase.

We welcome your phone calls for enquires or to give advice and more information.





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