New equipment quote policy

Quotes and Orders

Quoting new equipment is not a simple process because there are many variables involved and every single equipment quote is different. We try to give the best possible quotation and will not give a written quote until we are satisfied that our customers are properly informed, purchasing appropriate equipment and have made up there minds exactly what they require.

We are happy to advise at all stages of the process. Please read below to find detailed information on how we get your price to you.

Competitive Price

We aim to have the most competitive price on all new equipment quotes even though we are sometimes quoting against illegal tax evading importers. Our quotes are transparent and are very professional and detailed. If our price is not competitive against a written quote from a competitor we will attempt to match the price, and in most cases will beat it. As Australia's biggest gear supply group we have a growing reputation for offering the most competitive price in the first instance.

Please be aware that is easy to compare our price against another price that is not all inclusive. Be sure you are comparing apples with apples!

Please also remember that quality service is worth something and this is our number one goal!

Your options and choices

We can only give a firm equipment quote when you know exactly what you want. Container systems have many options and extras which will vary the quoted price greatly. We usually like to talk on the phone with you to make you aware of these options should you not have researched this information yourself before asking for a quote.

We have lots of experience in supplying new equipment and are aware of all the latest innovations, we like to make recommendations if we think it necessary. We also like to make sure you will end up with gear appropriate to your experience level, it's not much good to end up with new gear that your chief instructor will refuse to allow you to jump...

Rig design

Often we are asked to help with design and we have at times completely designed a new rigs colour scheme for customers, this is purely a matter of personal taste but we are happy to help with this process. We put together simulations using various tools for customers who are not computer inclined. This is part of our service and we are happy to provide several options based on the guidelines you provide. We can then, after your approval, complete the order form on your behalf. Measurements need to be accurate and we recommend you get assistance obtaining the correct measurements. These are of course checked by us and the manufacturer for obvious errors.


Our prices are in Australian dollars and always include all importation and taxes. There are many hidden costs with importing equipment and often prices you will receive don't include these costs. Don't accept prices that are given in US dollars or that are exclusive of taxes and import costs.

Quotes from US gear stores are like this. Some quotes from within Australia are also in US dollars and exclusive of import costs, possibly even attempting to evade taxes. This makes it possible for gear to be confiscated by customs until fees are paid, it is also likely that untraceable shipping methods are used to try to avoid taxes, this is all good until the shipment goes missing with no way to recover or trace it. Who then pays???

All prices from us allow for all legal taxes, importation cost and traceable shipping into our warehouse via FedEx, UPS or USPS.

We quote US Postal service Global Express Registered shipping by default because it has the most stable cost factor.

Shipping Note: We will Quote Courier shipping if requested and base the price on last know pricing, however we have found recently that courier shipping prices (FedEx & UPS) can rise as much as 70% by the time rigs are manufactured. We can no longer absorb this cost and in these cases we will adjust the pre-margin shipping component of the quoted price accordingly and will ask for payment before order completion.
(This is mainly due to rising fuel costs and is unavoidable)

Exchange rate

Exchange rates affect the price of your new gear dramatically. Just a 3 or 4 cent change can affect your price by hundreds of dollars.

We have designed very advanced quoting tools which allow us to quote you accurately based on the exact exchange rate on the day of the quote. Using these tools we can easily adjust the exchange rate to allow for changes in financial markets. This is clearly shown on our quote document.

Our policy is to lock in your price on the day you either, sign our New Equipment Supply Agreement and pay a deposit, or pay for your order in whole. (See floating rate below)

Exchange rate risk aversion

We choose to quote in Australian dollars with no hidden costs and lock in your exchange rate. We actually buy the US dollars as soon as we receive your funds and hold the US currency until the equipment is ready for shipping. This means that unless you pay for your order in full we are exposed to currency exchange risk. This is due to the long production times often quoted by US manufacturers (up to 18 weeks). To eliminate this risk we use foreign exchange financing to buy future US dollars for equipment that is not paid in full by customers.

This means that orders not paid for in advance incur a financing cost. We need to allow for this cost so we offer exchange rates at the present day rate for fully paid orders (up front). For deposit only orders we add 2 US cents premium to the exchange rate for the outstanding amount to cover this financing. This fee is clearly shown on our quote document. (Rig paid in advance exchange discount?)

Floating or fixed price quote

We now offer two possibilities for your quoted price. You must decide at the time of acceptance which quote you want. Your options are:

  1.  Fixed AU dollar price
    1. Paid in advance with advance pay discount
    2. Deposit only and contract
  2. Floating - deposit and contract
Floating Price

With the US dollar at the expensive end of the range it could be a benefit you to take the risk of a floating US dollar price quote. This will lower the cost of the equipment if the AU dollar rises against the US dollar. The risk is that if the AU dollar falls the equipment will rise in price.

We offer this type of quote with a fixed US dollar price for the container, canopies and import shipping. Import duties and taxes are exchange rate dependent so they are calculated when the rig ships and we close the deal. We require a 25% deposit or $1000 (whichever is greater), this is non- refundable and is calculated from the fixed AU dollar price option total at the time the quote is accepted (current exchange rate). We also need the “New Equipment Supply Agreement” completed. (see below)

In the interests of honesty and transparency we output a range of projected totals for various exchange rates so you can see the possible outcomes based on the rising AU dollar.

Fixed Price

Your price is adjusted and fixed at the time we receive payment of the entire order or of the deposit and signed documents. We require a 25% deposit or $1000 (whichever is greater), this is non-refundable.


  • Quote
    • Our quote will be provided on paper but the exchange rate factor can only be final once we receive your payment. This means you must make payment ASAP after you agree with the quote. We allow for slight shifts but if payments are delayed and the currency shifts the quote will be adjusted to the exchange rate at the time we receive payment. (We can only purchase the US Dollars once we receive your funds)
  • Order forms
    • We need these completed before we can go ahead with the order
    • We will check all sizes and colours using our experience to ensure that there are no errors or oversights
  • New Equipment Supply Agreement 
    • This is only necessary if you opt to pay a deposit only, we don't need it for orders paid in full and we will not place the order until we have these signed. 
    • Due to the fact that we are predominately supplying custom made equipment, we need a legal contract which guarantees payment for the completed custom made equipment.
    • The agreement comprises signed copies of all order forms, our invoice and the agreement itself.
  • Invoice
    • We will provide an invoice after we receive payment with the total price adjusted if necessary for the exchange rate at that time.
Lock in date

We lock in the date for fixed quotes when you commit to the payment. The exchange rate for floating quotes is locked in at the time of final payment just before the equipment is imported.

Payment We suggest bank transfer or bank cheque for payments due to low transaction costs. We do accept credit card but pass on the merchant fees of 1.7%. If you paid only a deposit we will contact you for final payment 7 days before we expect delivery of your completed order. Large cash deposits at the bank branch will incur a bank cash handling fee. (>$5000)

Production ETA and delivery

Parachuting equipment manufacturers have vastly varying work loads and therefore production times also vary greatly. Production times given by most manufacturers are unreliable. We track production for you at preset intervals and keep you informed of your equipments status. We are at the mercy of the suppliers in this area but we do our best to get accurate information. Sometimes it is difficult even getting email replies from suppliers so we telephone them at all ours of the night here to get the answers we need.

Once we have your gear in our warehouse we inspect it and offer you your domestic shipping option. You have the option of overnight airfreight or 2 to 4 day off peak road freight. Domestic freight ranges from $15.50 to $300 depending on whether it's a single canopy or a complete system and your choice of transport.

E.G. Road freight for a complete system to Melbourne Approx $70 and 2 days.
Airfreight a Sabre2 135 anywhere in Australia $28.50 and overnight to most destinations.


Our courier service refuses to insure parachuting equipment because they don’t understand it. We recommend the AFP gear insurance cover be taken out before we ship it. The premium for APF insurance is less expensive than what the freight insurance would be if the freight company would cover. The APF insurance is much better because it also covers your gear for the rest of the year. We will send you an invoice with all the information you need on it to take out the cover.


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